Eve is a curious and cheerful young Skeletal who was accidentally sent to Earth by Vincenzo DeLuco. On Earth, she met Elliot Pierce, and they developed a very close bond.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of Eve's past. She died within minutes of being born, and her soul was sent to Limbo, where she was Gathered by Ambrosia. She arrived in Limbo just a few days after Sergei, and the two grew up together in the Plateau. Ambrosia became their mother figure, and she taught them all about being a Skeletal and living in Limbo. However, she didn't mention the War of Spirits to them, in hope that by the time they became of age, the angels and Skeletals would be allies once again.

Eve and Sergei spent every day together and became the closest of friends. When Sergei turned sixteen, it was finally time for him to leave the Plateau, and Eve was left on her own for the first time since she met Sergei.

The accident[edit | edit source]

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