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Cyrus Ellingham


Beginning of time


Unknown, but appears 30






  • Leader of Hell
  • Devil

Cyrus Ellingham is the Leader of Hell, and the only pure demon still in existence.


Ellingham was created along with the Archangels. While they formed Heaven and Limbo and Purgatory, he formed Hell, and became its first and only Leader. As more and more souls started to arrive in Hell, he turned some into demons so he could have some company whilst Reaping. Unlike the family-like bonds of the Skeletals, Ellingham prefered to treat his demons as good friends. He used the humans as servants in his mansion, and they served both him and the demons. Every now and again, he would choose a servant and allow him or her to become a demon. Every night, he and the demons would gather in the great dining hall and feast on the souls of humans. Ellingham was loved by all his demons, and he absolutely loved being their Leader.

War of Spirits

Ellingham did not care much about what was going on in Heaven or Limbo, but he was forced to take action when the Archangels, commanded by Raphael Briathos, suddenly entered Hell and began to fight his demons. Ellingham fought alongside his demons for countless days, but they were overpowered by the angels. They surrendered and retreated, but the Archangels killed Ellingham's demons anyway, leaving Ellingham horrified and on his own. The Archangels took over Hell, but there was one fatal flaw to their plan; they had killed all the demons, so there was no one left to Reap. Ellingham's final act of defiance was to refuse to Reap ever again, before using his powers to throw out the Archangels and lock up his mansion for good so he could mourn over the loss of his demons in peace.

As he mourned, something suddenly appeared in the fireplace in his chambers - the place where fallen spirits arrived. It was Seraphina Viscen, who had tried to Reap and had become an Fallen angel due to her extensive Reaping and the corruption of her soul. Ellingham decided not to kill her, because she was the only angel who hadn't attacked his Hell. He allowed her to become a demon, and the two developed a peculiar relationship.

Liner's Arrival

A decade or so before the events of Pierced Heaven, another figure appeared in Ellingham's fireplace. It was a Skeletal called Liner, who had decided to commit suicide by leaping from Limbo into the Chasm that led to Hell. Much to Liner's dismay, however, Ellingham decided to turn him into a demon. Unlike Seraphina, though, Liner was not treated as a higher-rank demon. Ellingham instead used him as a butler for him and Seraphina. Over the years, however, Ellingham grew to like Liner, and even gave him a second name - Kingsley - and Liner was allowed to become a full demon alongside Seraphina, although Ellingham occasionally forgets this and orders him around.

The Invasion

Ever since the War of Spirits, Ellingham had lacked enthusiasm and was not quite as he used to be. After Liner became a full demon, yet another Skeletal appeared in the fireplace in Ellingham's chambers, snapping him out of his thoughts. This one, however, was not seeking to become a demon. It was Sergei, and he requested Ellingham's help in torturing an angel and invading Earth. Interested by something at last, Ellingham decided to take part. He transported himself and his demons and Sergei back to Limbo, where he cornered Vincenzo DeLuco and tortured him until the angel unleashed his powers and opened a gateway leading to Earth. Ellingham could've opened the portal himself, but he found the thought of torturing an angel far more pleasant.

Ellingham and Sergei led the way to Earth, where Ellingham immediately began to destroy everything in sight. He relished in London's destruction and wanted more, but his powers were still rather weak after being left unused for centuries. He released his anger towards the angels by killing every human he could find. He was amused when he saw a small army of teenage boys led by Graeme Thomas try to attack him. He immediately killed the boys, and left Gray to die.

The Aftermath

The invasion ended after Sergei shot Elliot Pierce dead and stunned himself back to sanity. The Skeletals, Liner and Seraphina all returned to Limbo. However, Ellingham was too busy arguing with some Archangels who had appeared on Earth to revive the dead to notice this, and did not reach the portal in time. He had enough power to return to Hell without the portal, but decided to stay on Earth instead. After millennia upon millennia of being almost completely dead after the loss of his demons, Ellingham is now awake, and is hiding somewhere on Earth, plotting his revenge on the Archangels.


Ellingham is a very tall man, well over six foot. He has incredibly long hair that is bright scarlet and cascades down his back, reaching his upper thighs. His shark-like teeth are sharp and white, and his eyes are narrow and bright red. He has a rather flamboyant sense of fashion; he wears a long black overcoat, a white shirt, a red waistcoat, form-fitting black trousers, and buckled boots. He occasionally wears a red overcoat instead of the black one.


Ellingham is polite and gentlemanly to everyone, but beneath the surface, he is cold and cunning and very, very cruel. He will do anything to protect his demons, which is why he's determined to avenge them by killing the Archangels somehow. He is known to speak with a very posh accent and he tends to use big words in his sentences, but when he's panicked or surprised, he'll drop the posh front and swear.


Every demon has a power that's connected to what a human finds dangerous or sinful. Ellingham's power is weaponry. In his demonic form, Ellingham grows cannons out of his shoulder blades, elbows, knees, knuckles, tongue, chest and fingertips, and his eyes become cannons as well. He can also focus his mind on an object, and blow said object up with his powers. In this form, he is impossible to bring down.

Interesting facts

  • Although his name is Cyrus Ellingham, everyone calls him Ellingham.
  • No one knew who the Leader of Hell was until Ellingham was the last demon standing.
  • For the reader, it is unknown that Ellingham is the Devil until the scene where he tortures Vincenzo.